Advance Forms

Beauty and articulation of design is the priority in catching attention of the buyers targeted, but this alone is not sufficient in sales promotion and marketing. T.K.S has introduced the advance forms and security forms and, being the first inventor, has registered the process of designing, formulation and utilization with the local Intelligence Property Department.

ADVANCE FORMS are the printed forms designed for the customerโ€™s particular requirements: being convenient and time saving in use. The distinction in design is our primary objective, and the selection of raw materials in production has also been undertaken with extra care and difficult to emulate, such as: the printing of greeting cards for all occasions comprises of congratulation card, portable calendar with envelopes, which can be printed with additional messages, name and address of receiver at one go, or the design of a member card, which includes the application form and issuance of the card within minutes, or the design allowing the print to be folded in the form of an envelope and ready to be posted with printed address of the member without the need of an envelope, portraying the most economical use of a piece of paper. Moreover, ADVANCE FORMS also reduces the steps of working procedure and eventual errors by combining the work of various units or several processes into one single operation. For example, the design for a range of printed matters for an insurance company and a life insurance company, with a letter of introduction, name card of policy-holder, as well as a car sticker in the same format, all printed at the same time with reduced errors which, when compared to other normal printed matters sent together in one envelope, apparently saves a lot of time, and reduces a great amount of work.