Policy & overall business operations

T.K.S Technologies PCL, “T.K.S.” was established in 1954 to carry out stationery and office supply. Later, the company has extended its business into production and distribution of stock forms, business forms and security forms. T.K.S. have 2 part of business first Printing Business operating by T.K.S. Technologies Pcl. And T.K.S. Siam Press Management Co., Ltd. “Siam Press” and second, ICT Business oprating by Synnex (Thailand) Pcl.

Printing Business is running by T.K.S and Siam Press (T.K.S. holding 100%) to provide complete service in printing business and variety of product both roll and sheet with offset and Digital full colors and black-white, and warehouse management service for large business organizations.T.K.S and Siam Press have location on an area 25 rai at Sinsakhon Printing City, Samut Sakhon Province. The new printing house provides a wide range of high technology print work, using a sophisticated digital printing and mail system to support both sheet and continuous fold in a box printing, as well as an enveloping system, toner and highlighting distinguished areas with special colour. The company uses state-of the art zero detect machinery to prevent errors and to protect customer’s information, as special network design is used with special software containing a firewall. A finger-scan system controls access to the operation room, which is also monitored by CCTV camera. These features ensure correctness and safety of all products. Back up site locate in Bangkok of Digital Printing and Warehouse management.

ICT Business is running by Synnex is an authorized distributor more than 50 leading computer equipment products such as Intel, Seagate, HP (Printer), Kingston (Memory), planet (Network) Philips Canon Lotus and Lamel, its house brand. And distributes the products to over 5,000 wholesalers and retailers. SYNNEX was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), with the registered capital from baht 500 million to baht 705 million. By the public offering amount baht 180 million amount baht 25 million for ESOP. However,SYNNEX was first day trade in June 16,2008, after that the company has decreased the stock holding from 50% to 39.7% and Synnex group (Taiwan) holding 36% decreased from 49%. Synnex group (Taiwan), the market leader in IT, telecom and IC components distribution in Taiwan (as of 2006) and one of the three biggest computer and information technology products distributors in the world with coverage in several countries such as America, Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand and India. Synnex has freedom over its management of the Company, has independent management policies and consists of all Thai employees. This allows SYNNEX to be responsive to the fast-changing competitive climate and compete effectively in the local Thai IT market. The location site on a nearly 7 Rai area on Sukontasawat Rd. Lardprao, Bangkok.

T.K.S. Group is fully committed to continuously improve the quality of its range of products and services, while expanding its operation to seek the utmost satisfaction of all its customers. The many prestigious international quality standard certificates and award it has acquired, such as ISO:9001:2008, ISO:14001:2004, ISO:27001:2005 and Thailand Brand. Awards are one of the garanteed for our printing quality from competition in both the domestic and foreign countries.

Awards; “Best of the Best : Best in more than one production process” award from Thai print Award organized by the Thai printing Association., “Best of the Best” award for the Best Innovative Use of a printing Process from the 4 th Asian print Awards 2006 at Shanghai in People’s Republic of China., “Goal Award” for Innovation in Printing and the “Bronze award” for Annual Financial Reports. This is the first time that Thailand has ever been successful in winning awards at this prestigious Asian contest.,“Bronze Award” award from Thai print Award 2nd 2007 for Labels&Tags and “Bronze Award” for Innovation in printing., “Goal award; Thai print Award 3 rd for Sheetfed Magazines& Journals., “Silver award” award from Thai print Award 4 th 2009 for Catalogues, Newsletters, Brochures &booklets and “Goal Award” award from Asian print Award 7th 2009 for Special printing and “Best of the Best” for Best in more than one production process., “Bronze Award” award from Thai print Award 5 th 2010 for Innovation in printing process., “Silver Award” award from Thai print Award 7 th2012 for Innovational Specialty Printing., “Goal Award” award from Thai print Award 8 th 2013 for Best in more than one production process and “Silver Award” for Limited editions & Art reproductions.