Warehouse Management

Big organizations with a large network and a big number of branches, such as: banks, insurance companies and stock trading houses, usually have hundreds of different printed documents, which will have to be drawn from their head-offices, involving expenses, human resources, storage space, insurance, packing, delivery and other expenses. As well, there will also be a warehouse management problem, for instance : unknowingly keeping excessive stock, some of which may be out of date/unusable, actual stock not conforming to record for reason unknown, damages caused by insects, rats, water, etc. Some organizations require their branches to keep a stock of up to 1-2 month supply, necessitating the addition of storage space, which is a waste of valuable office space.

To help customers reduce such cost, a system has been designed so that TKS may take over the burden of keeping stock on behalf of the Company’s customers, which is the most modern system ever. TKS has gained a great deal of experience in warehouse management of printed documentary forms for a number of large commercial banks for over 10 years according to ISO 9001 : 2000, by taking over the entire burden of stock keeping, including storage space, tools and equipment for handling, allowing the branches of these customers to draw direct supply of printed forms on line, to be delivered to users within 1-4 days. This Warehouse Management system will give the following benefits to our customers, thus:

Cost Saving

Customers will have no more burden with storage space, personnel, tools and equipment, procurement cost, as well as storage management and delivery expenses.

Cost Reduction

Customers are not required to invest too much in keeping stock of printed forms in reserve for eventual use, and will purchase only whatever has been drawn, which will therefore do away with all stock carrying costs.

Convenience and Speed

Customers may access us for information relating to the withdrawal of printed forms by their branches or units of work, or classification of printed forms promptly, which is useful in correctly managing the budget allotment for printed forms.

Availability at All Time

Customers will be ensured by us that their printed forms are ready for withdrawal by their branches and work units all the time without any interruption.

Reduction of Risks

Customers will be free from worry that they may run out of stock of any printed forms, even in case of fire or any other emergency, as we have taken necessary preventive measures by keeping additional stock in a back up site.